Covert Designs & Tech services  has always been customer focused. In order to better serve our customers needs we have invested in a new RMM and ticketing system. What is RMM? RMM stands for Remote Monitoring and Management. What does this mean for you? This means that we will have a 24/7 insight to what is going on inside your network.  We will be able to proactively monitor and fix issues before they become bigger issues. This also means that our support team can assist you faster. With our agent you will be able to start support chats and open tickets easier than ever and we will be able to access the machines quicker. We will be drafting a Service Level Agreement tailored to your individual needs and our team will be contacting you to schedule a time for installation of the agents. Thanks again for putting your trust in Covert Designs & Tech Services.

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Miercuri, Octombrie 9, 2019

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